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Brooklyn Gang by Bruce Davidson, 1959 (via)

Maxime Bouchard é um jovem produtor francês, com apenas 20 anos, ele assina suas produções como Soundrose. Com forte inspiração na natureza e amplo estudo musical, o artista chega para compor o grande time de atrações internacionais do Alaplay, que já recebeu o conterrâneo Androma. Preparados para uma hora de excelente música? Confira nosso 75º episódio. A música conecta as pessoas!

Soundrose (Marselha, França) @soundrosemusic
Created by Alataj:

Blue Bird (Original Mix) This track was created thanks to my inspiration from nature, I have this piece work in a garden, the smell of flowers that grew. The arrival of spring and the beautiful weather , the field birds. Who formed “Blue Bird”
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My first mixtape for Jukebox Radio. Jukebox Radio is a Promotion Channel. For young Artist and DJ.
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I’m present, i’m French DJ & Producer


I am a young DJ and composer of 20 years, extremely fan of music.
I ‘m interresse any style to create my pieces.
I have created a person-based nature, the good life, music, hence the artist name SoundRose.
The sound of the flower is based on the delicacy, finesse, beautiful composition, and simplicity.

Sound deep house and house, sometimes chill.

SoundRose like to share creations with other artists.

SoundCloud WebSite : @soundrosemusic
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Hello my friend :) This is my new remix of Coldplay on line on SoundCloud… I love ColdPlay, very good pop group ! And You ? Coldplay - Fix You (SoundRose Remix)


Creates a bootleg based piano Macklemore and beautiful voice of Adele, a little beat I worked carefully My first bootleg … I am still very far from perfection.

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Rolling in The Same Road (Bootleg) - SoundRose